The Top 5 IoT Hacks

I read a brilliant article in an electronics magazine from India: ElEctronics For You (March 2017). 

It is important because "concerns about security and privacy" is high among companies. If I remember well 25-30% of companies keep security and safety as "chief obstacle" for using IoT technology to their organization.

Why IoT? (Market share)

As engineer I say: because it is full of fun and challenges but these reasons won't convince a manager so lets see how it works in the market.

In addition, definitions draw special attention to the potential market of IoT with a fast growing rate, by having a market value of $44.0 billion in 2011. According to a comprehensive market research conducted by RnRMarketResearch that includes current market size and future predictions, the IoT and M2M market will be worth approximately $498.92 billion by 2019. Quoting from the same research, the value of the IoT market is expected to hit $1423.09 billion by 2020, with Internet of Nano Things (IoNT) playing a key role in the future market and holding a value of approximately $9.69 billion by 2020.


DynDNS for IoT?

I meet in some cases that to administrators and/or installers use upnp and some dynamic dns provider to access their property, IoT or anything else remote.